Why Home Healthcare is Crucial after Hospital Discharge

Home health care after a hospital discharge ensures that your loved one receives the exact support they need to increase their chance of a full recovery.

Home health care in recent years is becoming a crucial component of care after discharge from the hospital. Sometimes, a major injury, illness, or health event can turn a person’s life upside down and be very burdensome both to the patient and loved ones. So it can be relieving when a loved one is discharged from the hospital. However, the weeks or months after a hospital discharge represent a high-risk period, which can often lead to other complications or sometimes readmission. Seniors who are coming home from the hospital require care, support, and follow-up.

Follow-up intends to help return the patient’s health conditions to a desired state of health. It is a major way to continue care even after patients have left the hospital premises. Katie et al, define follow-up as a vital part of ongoing patient safety which allows for subsequent investigations to be checked and acted upon as well as encourages specialist review of patients thereby ensuring that patients with chronic conditions receive appropriate secondary care.

There’s usually very little home health care in Cameroon after a patient’s discharge from the hospital. According to a report by Project-House, after research at two major hospitals in the South West region, there’s hardly any record of home visits after discharge. According to the report, the hospitals record a readmission rate of 5.7% and 3% respectively after discharge.

A patient’s care shouldn’t end the minute they leave the hospital. Whether your hospital stay was planned or the result of an accident or emergency, you may need extra support to help you settle back into your daily life. How can patients and their families benefit from home healthcare services and improve their experience after a discharge from the hospital?

Home health care can help reduce costs in the long run
Home health care after discharge helps to prevent readmission which can be very frustrating and costly. According to the Commonwealth Fund, healthcare that enables patients to receive acute care at home has proven effective in reducing complications while cutting the cost of care by 30 percent or more.

It provides the patient with more effective and centralized care, thereby speeding complete recovery
Klarah Carer visits the patient regularly, and can also communicate with the patient via telemedicine equipment, to capture any decline in the patient’s condition. Patients can also be monitored using telemedicine equipment.

Proper follow-up after a chronic illness
Depending on the type of illness, home health services are vital to the healing process; Carers can help to monitor responses to exercise and give education about cardiovascular risk factors in case if heart disease or after surgery. Home health care can also help with physical therapy regimes, as well as menu planning that supports healthy nutrition and hydration to promote continued healing.

Safe and proper administration of medication
The carer ensures the correct administration of the medicines at their prescribed time and correct dosage.

Help with activities of daily living
The carer can help the patient with basic daily life activities. Hence enabling patients to have maximum rest and improving their quality of life.

Companionship and support
Recovery at home can be a slow and lonely experience if you do not have family or friends close by. A home health caregiver provides well-rounded support, whether it is emotional, medical, or physical support for the patient.

Assessment and development of a proper care plan
Hospital discharge planning is a critical step in a patient’s recovery. A successful home care plan should involve a comprehensive client assessment, as well as participation in discharge planning resulting in the development and implementation of a client-centered care plan. Home health can take on this task effectively and promptly.

Help with mobility and prevention of falls
Risks such as falls and mobility challenges can be properly addressed and mitigated.

The role of home health care after a hospital discharge cannot be overemphasized.
If you need after-hospital care by trained and caring professionals, look no further, Klarah is here to help you. Visit our website now to learn how we can help you transition from a hospital stay to getting fully recovered and comfortable at home.


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