A typical Klarah home healthcare visit in Cameroon

Home healthcare is an ideal alternative to hospital care especially in Cameroon where the hospitals are seriously understaffed. Besides it’s other benefits, home health care is great for providing more centred and personalized health care to the individual. Whether just discharged from the hospital, needing long term care at home, or occasional care at the comfort of your home, anyone can use home healthcare.

A Klarah visit consist of first scheduling an appointment with you; the visit typically lasts about 1 to 2 hours.

It will consist a complete assessment of your health, which helps us create a customized care plan for you.

Services during a visit may include but not limited to:

  • Dressing changes,
  • Medication administration,
  • Lab services,
  • Post-operative care,
  • Injection,
  • IV management,
  • Catheter placement and care,
  • Monitoring vital signs,
  • Cardiac and respiratory care,
  • Mobility assistance,
  • Foot care, to name a few.

For a full list of services, click here.

The caregiver can also provide education and training to the patient and/or their family members. Health and nutritional counselling can be provided as well as medication assistance to help you manage your condition and keep you safe at home.

The visit can also consist of virtual doctor consultations. We can also follow up with your doctor’s appointment as well as coordinate and deliver the care your doctor instructed.

For patients needing hospitalisation, hospital accompaniment services can be provided.

Klarah aims to continuously deliver quality health with compassion, excellence and reliability. Home healthcare with Klarah, is quality healthcare as you prefer.

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