Some Openly Known Secretes About Regular Healthcare

1. When you or your parents have regular health checks, your medical bills are significantly reduced in the long run.

2. Regular health checks makes it possible for potential dangerous illnesses to be stopped in their paths before they become life threatening to you.

3. You build a solid medical history for you and your family which is not currently available.

We created @safety watchers to give our communities a fighting chance of getting better access to healthcare.

For the Africans living abroad, level with me here. You have seen the access to quality healthcare you have either through the #NHS or your private medical insurance program. Every now and again, you get the call from home of your ailing parents. You rush off to western union or other similar services to transfer £500 here or $1000 there. Your parent is rushed to the hospital. This happens year after year.

There is a better way to care for your parents. Put them on your monthly expenses. By affording monthly home healthcare,

1. You avoid the need of sending money in bulk for medical purposes.

2. You free yourself from guilt as you know your parents are well looked after

3. Your parents live a longer healthy life in comfort.

The list is endless.

If you would like to enlist your parent or loved one back home to our healthcare program, click on the link below to join our early adopters waiting list.

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