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From its inception, Klarah has made it a main priority to take care of its patients in the most comfortable way, at their convenience and to provide a system that takes into consideration the patients’ distinct needs. Klarah, put simply, is quality and unrivalled home healthcare as our clients prefer.

Our carers are patient-centered, trustworthy and attentive to details. One thing that makes our carers standout is the attention we pay to patient experience while conducting home health care.

Home healthcare is becoming a national priority and can best be described as a gold mine which remains a source of reliable and affordable healthcare. With the progressive increase in the number of subscribers to our services, we can only perceive the need for a reliable and convenient health care service in the minds of the population. Our watch word remains a high commitment to excellence, which has brought us through the year 2021 to 2022 to serving more people than we imagined.


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A good home health care system is one that put the needs of their patients first. Our service is designed to attend to patients of all ages, depending on the need. However, adults and mostly seniors have made up the majority of our patients

Our home health care team monitors patients and helps them care for themselves while they are at home. We offer unrivalled care which matches the needs of our clients while allowing them the ability to maintain their independence and dignity and very importantly, allows them to receive health care in the company of their loved ones. Our carers ensure adherence and persistence, in taking of medications, making sure the patient adheres to medication prescribed. Our patients have come to be like family to us, as in caring for them, our carers have become safe and trustworthy companions to them.

We Bring Healthcare to You

A major milestone we have achieved is reducing waiting time for the patients. Avoiding long queues and long hours of waiting to see a health professional is on the wish list of every person in need of medical attention. Having a one-on-one medical visit at the comfort of their homes seems like an answered prayer to the patients.

Further, our patients have been able to maximize their day by transforming a visit to the hospital to staying back home and relaxing or doing some other productive work while we bring health care to them.

At Klarah, the way we impact patient’s lives is simple, but powerful: through more equitable and higher quality care, reduced hospital visits and an unmatched patient experience. Our results prove this to be true.

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