Nursing As A Service

At Klarah, we believe in the transformative power of compassionate and skilled nursing. Our home healthcare services are designed to provide personalized care that prioritizes the well-being and satisfaction of our patients.

Here’s how our qualified nurses make a difference:

Patient Empathy and Personalized Care

Our nurses practice patient empathy every day, recognizing patients as unique individuals. They create a space of comfort and kindness, using both verbal and nonverbal communication to understand each patient’s needs. Studies have shown that empathy leads to more positive patient experiences and better health outcomes. 

Person-Centered Healthcare Approach

We believe in treating patients as equal partners in their care. Our person-centered approach focuses on relationship building, patient empathy, and understanding that each patient is a human being with unique needs. This approach has been linked to higher patient satisfaction and better health outcomes.

Effective Communication and Patient Safety

Clear communication is vital in healthcare. Our nurses are trained to translate medical jargon, discuss health issues, and help patients articulate questions about their well-being. They act as a vital link between doctors and patients, ensuring that patients truly understand their health conditions and treatment options.

Skills and Characteristics of High-Quality Nurses

Our high-performing nurses utilize a multitude of emotional, social, and technical skills. They maintain a professional demeanor, take confidentiality seriously, and keep patients’ wishes at the forefront of treatment. Their attention to detail and continuous learning ensures that they provide the highest quality of care.

Delivering Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is central to our approach. Our nurses directly affect aspects such as the time spent with a patient, the clarity of information provided, and the accessibility of tools to improve health. By employing a sufficient number of nurses and training them in effective communication strategies, we ensure that patients feel well taken care of.

Lifelong Learning and Professional Development

We encourage our nurses to be lifelong learners. Through continuing education, professional conferences, or on-site professional development, our nurses stay updated with the latest practices and innovations in healthcare.

At Klarah, we are committed to achieving satisfaction through quality care. Our nurses use both hard and soft skills to provide care that not only ensures a better patient experience but also leads to better health outcomes. Trust us with your healthcare needs, and experience the Klarah difference.

Dressing Changes

Removal and replacement of bandages

Medication Administration

Reminders, assistance and administration of meds

Post-Operative Care

Pain management and wound care post sugery

Lab Services

Samples extraction and lab assistance

IV Management

Replacement and administration of infusions

General Patient Care

Regular physical exams and health screening

Catheter Placement & Care

Cleaning, emptying and replacement of catheters

Part-Time Home Personal Care

Patient personal care excluding live in


Administration and overseeing of injections and doses

Virtual Doctor Consultations

Connecting patients to specialists doctors from their homes

Monitoring Vital Signs

Periodic mesurement of temperatures and pulses

Cardiac & Respiratory Care

Management of condition and medication guidance

Foot Care

Assessment of and care for common foot and nail disorders

Hospital Accompaniment

Nursing services within hospital settings

Mobility Assistance

Patient assistance with physical therapy

Pain Management

Movement assistance to alleviate pain and regain mobility

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Living in the States with access to all these medical services, it gives me much comfort that my parents can be well looked after and I am always aware of what is going on.

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