Enabling quality home healthcare

We help people in the diaspora deliver quality healthcare to their loved ones in Africa.


If you adhere to the credos of Florence Nightingale and are a qualified nurse, join us and earn while you care!


A patient could be an aging parent or a sick relative. If you require assistance, get in touch.


Those that look after their loved ones. They can be family members or just well-wishers.

Our Services

We leverage first-in-class technologies to connect experienced nurses to patients based on patient need, carer experience and proximity to each other.


Wound Care

This includes but is not limited to care for chronic wounds such as those that fail to heal, heal slowly or recur.


Wellness Check

This is a full body check during which the patient is thouroughly inspected from head to toe. The standard package has one session.



A complete assessment of patient needs (OASIS) including physical assessments and medical history is reviewed and documented.



Closely monitoring high blood pressure and ensuring the patient understands and follows their dietary restrictions.


Post Hospital Care

Includes patient and caregiver education, pain management, medication management, surgical site care and monitoring.


Patient Education

Patient education focuses on complicated medication and treatment adherence, safety, and preventing complications.


We are building a network of specialist doctors who are available to consult patients using our web-based mobile applications.

We care.

You heal!

What our users and mentors are saying

“Getting Klarah on board to see my father was the best decision I have made in a very long time. It is also the most rewarding and cost-effective health decision I have made for my parents back in Cameroon”

Mirabelle B.

Family Nurse Practitioner, New York

Klarah resonates strongly with my believe in triage in practice, and the impact can truly free up the limited resources to the ones who needs it the most leading to Health Equity! No matter who you are nor where you live, you should get good care when it is needed. Klarah is a highly interesting company and I would like to engage and humble provide my knowledge to you! ”.

Anna A.

Nordic Head Neuroscience and ESG Sustainability Ambassador at Novartis

“ WHat moved me is the purpose behind this initiative and your experiences that have led you to take up this venture. Patient waiting times can lead to some real life impacting problems and sometimes can prove to be fatal. So having such platforms in place can really reduce waiting times and save patient lives ”.

Kalpana P.

Group Lead Insights & Analytics I Novartis

The combination of mobile App + in-person visit is a very strong “unique value proposition”,

Davide F.

Director Strategy and Operations – Predictive Analytics & Design – Global Drug Development at Novartis

“ Love the idea, having worked across multiple geographies that face this issue I am inspired by the idea and think this can really make an impact to patients and their families. I see this day to day in cancer care across middle east and Africa. In addition being a female leader, I want to empower next generation as such motivated to mentor a women-owned business ”.

Marie-Andrée G.

Reimagining Medicine as Head of Middle East and Africa at Novartis Oncology

“ I think the African Diaspora is underutilized as resource for health care. I currently serve on the executive advisory council of the African Diaspora Network in the US and might be able to help with connections. ”.

Michael M.

Research And Development Scientist at Johnson & Johnson

 I have looked at your company idea and its looks really interesting and solves and important problem that will help save lives and reduce anxiety about health issues.”

Magdalena J.

Managing Director Almi Halland

“By carefully balancing technological enablement with qualitative “boots-on-the-ground” care experience, I believe Klarah is uniquely positioned to leverage the African Diaspora for increased access and quality of care in Africa.”

Niels V. 

– Health Innovation Director – MADE Design & Innovation

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