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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have doctors in your operations too?

We have partnered with qualified and experienced specialists to offer teleconsultations and in some cases, conduct home visits.

How secure is patient data?

We adhere to some of the highest data standards in the industry. All of our carers have signed strict confidentiality agreements and our systems are hosted on AWS.

What does a home visit constitute of?

It depends on patient need but generally it would include a combination of:

  • Taking patient vital signs, measurements and medical histories
  • Asking about the patient’s symptoms
  • Performing physical examinations
  • Drawing blood samples
  • Requesting and conducting diagnostic tests
  • Recommending care options to doctors
  • Administering medication
  • Maintaining accurate and detailed records
  • Consulting with other health care providers
  • Educating patients on how to manage their conditions
  • Providing emotional support to patients and their families
  • Implementing and assessing care plans
  • Recommending sources of support for patients
  • Setting up treatment rooms
  • Sanitizing and assembling medical equipment
  • Checking and counting medication
  • Completing patient assessments
  • Administering wound care
  • Changing dressings
How much does a home visit cost?

 It depends on patient need but entry level is $40 for 2 visits a month. There are top up rates for additional services including post hospital care and impromptu visits.

How qualified are the nurses who work with you?

76% of our nurses hold a bachelors degree, 9.9% hold a masters degree and 13.5%, HND. They all have at least 2 years working experience.

Do you provide hospital care?

This is a premium service that we would look at on a case by case basis.

Why should i use you?

All of the above +

  • Commitment to high standard of care
  • Detailed medical history
  • Convenience