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We help people in the diaspora provide quality healthcare to their loved ones in Africa.

AUDA-NEPAD HGS Accelerator

Klarah has joined the Home Grown Solutions Accelerator for Pandemic Resilience 2023!

This acceleration program focuses on growth and mature-stage African healthcare companies, conceptualized in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and in a realization of the potential of local private sector solutions to strengthen the continent’s pandemic resilience.

Many thanks to African Union Development Agency-NEPADJapan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and the highly talented team at Villgro Africa!

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Democratising Healthcare in Africa

Over $25B in remittances to Africa is spent on medical bills annually. Hospitals remain severely underfunded, overcrowded and inconviniently inaccessible.

At Klarah, we enable experienced nurses to be able to care for patients in their homes through the use of mobile applications and multisided dashboards.

We are building the Uber for nurses in Africa.


We are building a network of specialist doctors who are available to consult patients using our web-based mobile applications.

We care, You heal!

Available Healthcare Services.

Nurses on our platform are qualified to provide the following services.

Dressing Changes

Removal and replacement of bandages

Medication Administration

Reminders, assistance and administration of meds

Post-Operative Care

Pain management and wound care post sugery

Lab Services

Samples extraction and lab assistance

IV Management

Replacement and administration of infusions

General Patient Care

Regular physical exams and health screening

Catheter Placement & Care

Cleaning, emptying and replacement of catheters

Part-Time Home Personal Care

Patient personal care excluding live in


Administration and overseeing of injections and doses

Virtual Doctor Consultations

Connecting patients to specialists doctors from their homes

Monitoring Vital Signs

Periodic mesurement of temperatures and pulses

Cardiac & Respiratory Care

Management of condition and medication guidance

Foot Care

Assessment of and care for common foot and nail disorders

Hospital Accompaniment

Nursing services within hospital settings

Mobility Assistance

Patient assistance with physical therapy

Pain Management

Movement assistance to alleviate pain and regain mobility

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Why Choose Us


First-in-class Technology

We use the latest technologies to connect carers to patients with a focus on data security.


Large Pool of Experienced Nurses

There are currently just under 400 nurses registered with us with a significant majority having at least a first degree and 2 yeears work experience.


Fair Prices

We take aware the inconvenience of getting to and waiting at a crowded, underfunded hospital. We deliver the highest standard of care at the fairest rates.

Message from our Founder and CEO.

Listen about Klarah’s committment to quality healthcare in Africa from our CEO, Innocentia.


Joined Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have doctors in your operations too?

We have partnered with qualified and experienced specialists to offer teleconsultations and in some cases, conduct home visits.

How secure is patient data?

We adhere to some of the highest data standards in the industry. All of our carers have signed strict confidentiality agreements and our systems are hosted on AWS.

What does a home visit constitute of?

It depends on patient need but generally it would include a combination of:

  • Taking patient vital signs, measurements and medical histories
  • Asking about the patient’s symptoms
  • Performing physical examinations
  • Drawing blood samples
  • Requesting and conducting diagnostic tests
  • Recommending care options to doctors
  • Administering medication
  • Maintaining accurate and detailed records
  • Consulting with other health care providers
  • Educating patients on how to manage their conditions
  • Providing emotional support to patients and their families
  • Implementing and assessing care plans
  • Recommending sources of support for patients
  • Setting up treatment rooms
  • Sanitizing and assembling medical equipment
  • Checking and counting medication
  • Completing patient assessments
  • Administering wound care
  • Changing dressings
How much does a home visit cost?

 It depends on patient need but entry level is $40 for 2 visits a month. There are top up rates for additional services including post hospital care and impromptu visits.

How qualified are the nurses who work with you?

76% of our nurses hold a bachelors degree, 9.9% hold a masters degree and 13.5%, HND. They all have at least 2 years working experience.

Why should i use you?

All of the above +

  • Commitment to high standard of care
  • Detailed medical history
  • Convenience

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